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Orchard Bray Miniature Donkeys

Oldest Living Donkey?

Lively Laddie

Fact: A contender for the oldest living donkey was Lively Laddie, who worked Blackpool Pleasure Beach. He lived to be 62 years old

Donkey and Foal

History of Miniature Donkeys

Miniature donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. They are sometimes referred to as 'Sicilian donkeys' or 'Sardinian donkeys', but are more commonly known as simply 'miniature donkeys'.

The miniature donkey is a true breed.

The miniature donkey must be under 36" At the shoulder. The average size being between 32" and 35".

Miniature donkeys have very long life-spans and, providing that they are well cared for, can live to 25-45 years of age.

The most common colour for the miniature donkey is a gray dun with a dark brown or gray 'cross' running over their shoulder and down their back.

There are many other colours such as spotted, brown, black, white, chestnut/sorrel, and everything in between!. The brown, black, red and spotted, however, are quite uncommon colours and are highly sort after in breeding programs.

Trying to guess the colour of an expected foal can be almost impossible!  Gray dun is by far the predominant gene, so you can breed black to black and get a gray dun, or spotted to spotted and still have a gray dun foal.

Whatever the colour, they each have their own special personality and bring enjoyment to children and adults alike!